Jennifer’s Body – Teens, Murders & Demons… What’s not to like?

What up, Buttercups?

I first saw this film way back in 2012. The only reason I watched it was because I’m a fan of Panic! At the Disco and I absolutely love their song New Perspective which was used in the movie soundtrack.

That being said, it is a low key musical film. Especially if you like indie and alternative rock. There are music posters in a lot of background shots (Of course there are, it’s a teen movie) Fall Out Boy is one of them but my favourite is from my favourite band, Motion City Soundtrack’s poster for the album Even If It Kills Me.

It’s a weird film. While Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is the protagonist of the film it almost feels like a teenage boy’s wet dream in parts; Namely the parts where Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Needy have a hot make-out session and Needy’s boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons) is fought over by Jennifer and Needy.

Lots of the dialogue between Jennifer and Needy does sound like it is written by a teenage boy. Period and sex jokes and Chip’s ecstatic expression when asking if he is “too big” for Needy when they try to have sex.

The premise is hilarious. An evil indie band doing anything they can to make it. There words of Nikolai (Adam Brody) ring true “If you don’t get on Letterman or some retarded soundtrack you’re screwed. Satan is our only hope.”

Not sure what else I should’ve expected from a Horror-Comedy.

There were a few decent jump scares and enough creepy screeching noises to set you on edge. There are also a few heartbreaking moments in there too. Personally, going from the happy vibrancy of one of Jennifer’s victims on their way to meet with her. Then moving through uncertainty as you realise the address she gave isn’t for her house. To the almost sick and sorrowful call of “Hello?”to a houset hat is still obviously half building site hit close to home and is one of the better emotional sections of the scene. Who hasn’t been excited for something – be it a date or not – only to begin to wonder if things are really what they seem and then the crushing disappointment that comes when it finally falls through.

In a movie about the occult it’s a surprising moment that can still wrench a response from me.

The core of this movie is all about friendship and choices. There is the famous saying that “We can choose our friends and not our family.” This film is a study of choosing friends. Needy and Jennifer have been friends for years. So long in fact that Needy is blind to the horrible person her friend is before she gets turned into a boy killing demon.

One of the scenes we see of the two of them together is Jennifer pressuring Needy into spending time with her instead of her boyfriend. Jennifer is controlling and jealous and revels in being the centre of attention. She uses her sexuality – and the lust she inspires in men – to manipulate people and situations to get what she wants.

The biggest choice of the film is almost one we never get to see. Jennifer Chooses to go after Chip and that prompts Needy to kill her friend. It’s almost implied that if Jennifer hadn’t gone after Chip, Needy would have left her alone; even after learning what her friend is and has done, Needy doesn’t act on it until Jennifer goes after her boyfriend.

I watched this film again recently and I’m not as enamoured with it as I was back in 2012 and it will probably be a while before I watch it again but I didn’t hate it. Adam Brody played a great smarmy character, although I doubt I’ll ever be able to see him as anyone other than his character for The OC. Megan Fox played a convincing bitch and Amanda Seyfried plays off of her well, encapsulating the long-suffering friend perfectly. Johnny Simmons does amazing work in another musically related roll though this time as a drummer and not a bassist.

It is a teen movie and very much of its time. It tries to do a few things differently but not enough for it to be memorable. The best I can say about this film is that if you’re trying to entertain teenagers over Halloween, this might do the trick early on in the evening before moving on to something with a bit more bite to it.


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